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Best TIG Torches for Pipe Welding in 2023

If you most often deal with pipe welding, then you need to have a reliable tig torch to get your job done. You should pick a torch that works at different paces to avoid overheating. Moreover, the selection of the wrong torch also makes the system hot, wasting your time as it will not produce quality welds.

Quick Comparison

Image Product Details   Price
image 1 Forney 9FV TIG Torch Reliable
High build quality
Compatible with most welders
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image 2 4M Welder Torch Gas cooling system
13 ft Long pipe

Easy to use
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image 3 RIVERWELDTIG Heavy-duty torch
50 amp cycle
Cooling system
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The List of the Best TIG Torches for Pipe Welding

1. Forney 9FV TIG Torch – Best Overall Torch for Tig Pipe Welding

best TIG torch for pipe welding

Forney 9Fv is the common TIG torch for pipe welding and is ideal for welding thin materials. The user-friendly and rugged design enables you to adjust its heads in any position to make a weld at different angles conveniently.

The size 9 air-cooled TIG torch keeps the system cool and does not create overheating throughout the procedure. The flex head of the TIG torch is located on the handle.

This powerful TIG torch has the power of 125amp and supports the electrode range of 0.02 to 3/32. You can make a dense connection with compatible welders like 200amp Forney welders.

The TIG torch works best with materials like aluminum, copper, titanium, and stainless steel. The high-quality Forney 9Fv comes with a 12.5-inch torch having a 3/32 collet and works with the tungsten electrode.

Moreover, the design includes the number six nozzle connected with 36 36-inch gas hose.


  • Works best with different materials
  • It keeps the system cool
  • Lightweight convenient to operate with thin materials


  • Expensive

2.      4M Welder Torch | The Most Reliable Tig Torch

MIG torch for pipe welding

Another superb TIG torch model that will help you perform your welding tasks conveniently is the TIG welding WP17v torch. The torch comes with a 13 ft long gas pipe so you can conveniently take it to the deep places where it is not possible to take a whole welder.

Thanks to the gas cooling technology that keeps the system cool throughout the operation. The TIG torch offers the welding of stainless steel and other metals. The power of the TIG welding torch is awesome too. It has a duty cycle of 35% DC AMP 140AMP with 35% AC 125AMP.

The kit includes a 10 to 25mm connector with 0.5 to 2.4 MM electrode size. The lightweight TIG torch is reliable and high quality and produces welds with neat beads. The TIG torch has a comfortable handle plus it nicely works with different welding machines.


  • Long gas pipe
  • Gas cooling system
  • Convenient to use


  • Expensive

3.      RIVERWELDTIG | Most Flexible Air-Cooled Tig Welding Torch 

Compact torch for welding

If you are looking for a comfortable, flexible, and reliable welding torch, then give a chance to the Riverweld WP 17F TIG welding torch. It is a user-friendly gadget that you can conveniently use for your different welding projects.

The flexible head body allows you to use it at any angle and perform welding at different positions.

Even you can easily weld the material that is located on a thin surface. The powerful torch works with a current rate of 150 Amps. 

The top-quality welding torch by Riverweld has an air-cooled welding style. Thus, it maintains the temperature of the system.

The affordable piece allows you to weld the surface efficiently and gets a nice bead. Buy it and have a wonderful experience of welding.


  • 50 amp duty cycle
  • Affordable
  • Cool system


  • Not much durable.

4.      Miller Weldcraft A-200 | Most Durable Tig Torch Kit

High Quality best torch for welders

Just like a miller welder and other industrial tools, it is the best torch for the welder. The high-quality equipment is flexible and uses the A-200 flex technology to adjust at any angle.

There is present a limited access joint that ensures you reach every metal position convenient to get the perfect weld.

The redhead series is versatile and can be used for multiple metals and thicknesses to get the appropriate results.

Moreover, the air-cooled capability keeps the system well maintained as well as the cost-effective property to your welding project.

The handheld air-cooled torch from the house of Miller comes with the torch body, power cables, handle, and long back collet. It is a complete bundle that helps you to do welding easily and quickly.


  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

5.      WeldCraft | The Best Water-Cooled TIG Torch Kit Vinyl Cable 

Air cooled welding torch

When we talk about the quality, affordability, and flexibility in the TIG torch immediately, the Weldcraft comes to our mind.

This quality piece is awesome and user-friendly. Thanks to water-cooled technology that helps in keeping the temperature under control. No fogging, no condensation; you get the clean weld.

It is one of the best welding torch types that are equipped with an angle head, and handle, and has a long vinyl cable to add convenience to your project.

It is a complete assembly that you get in a package. Simply adjust it with any compatible welder and start performing your functions.

It is a nice cool that helps you weld materials like magnesium, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. So, no worries, what type of material you are handling will work efficiently. Thus, you will get a neat bead without splatters.

Give a chance to this affordable welding piece and finish your DIY projects easily. Although a bit pricy the quality will not make you regret spending some extra money for this incredible TIG torch.


  • Flexible
  • Handle for easy carriage
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

6.      Metal Man | Best Low-Budget Tig Torch for Pipe Welding

TIG welding torch

If your old TIG torch is not working or you want to change to buy energy-saving equipment, then Metal Man is a wonderful option. Thanks to inverter technology that saves energy and keeps your project cost-effective.

The copper pipe welding torch is an excellent piece that comes with the latest features. You can quickly start the TIG welding by only using touch control.

Moreover, it comes with the Dinse style connection system that gives it durability, and you finish your work without disconnecting from fear.

There is present a gas valve on the torch body that prevents fogging as well as keeps the system fresh throughout the welding operation. The 17v style TIG torch is the ideal solution to weld different materials with quality welds.


  • Touch control system
  • Gas valve present
  • Durable


  • Expensive

7.      Air Cooled Gas Power Incorporated TIG Torch

Top rated TIG wleding torch for the money

Another incredible air-cooled gas technology TIG torch that meets your expectations is the WP 17 F TIG torch. The well-crafted design helps you to handle the torch conveniently and get quick, neat welds.

The design is user-friendly. The flexible TIG welder head can easily be set at any angle to perform welding activity on different surfaces with convenience.

The torch is compatible with different welders and can weld different types of metals.

The TIG torch is equipped with 150amps power that can weld with the help of the 0.04 to 1/8 inches tungsten electrodes.

It comes with a cable hose that allows heat dispersion performance. Moreover, covering with a cloth makes it easy to use and handle.


  • Flex angle
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Not durable Most people use it as disposable equipment.

8.      Thermal Arc TIG Torch for Pipe Welders 

TIG and MIG welding torches

Thermal Arc is an excellent option to add to your fabricator. The affordable accessory offers multiple welding solutions. The TIG torch allows you to finish your work fastly and easily. The great torch with a good price ideally meets your fabrication needs and will never disappoint you.

If we talk about its design, it is well constructed. The TIG torch offers 150 amp power. It comes with a 13 ft cable, eight-pin connector, collet and tungsten electrodes, aluminum nozzle, and short plus long back cap. In short, it is a complete kit that fulfills your welding needs efficiently.

The fabricator is an excellent choice for most welders because of its easy handling. The long pipe enables you to weld different metals conveniently. It is good to use for thin surfaces.

Give a chance to this nicely constructed welding equipment, save your time, and get quality welds at the end. Buy this with confidence and perform your job with his quality product.


  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat heavy.

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Tig Torch for Pipe Welding

Power supply

The current produced by the welder is an important thing to consider. The high power between 150amps to 200amps is deemed to be ideal for welding purposes. 

You should know that the torch and welder must have the same power to get fruitful results; otherwise, you may face drips and not finish your task with good-quality welds. So, to avoid failure find the TIG torch that has this power range and match with a welder.

Cooling feature

There are two types of torches, one is water-cooled while the other is air-cooled. The former ones are smaller in size but add some extra cost.

It is because they required a reservoir, hoses, and a pump to circulate the water. There are chances that leaks may occur that are dangerous, especially during operation.

In contrast, air-cooled welding torches are preferable as they are simple. Heat is not a problem in that case, as there are no extra reservoirs. One drawback linked with these types is that they are heavier as compared to water types.

Position of the material

Sometimes it happens that you have to weld in Tight corners. In that case, there is a need for small and tiny welders. So, you have to prefer a water-cooled system to reach the location as the electrodes are small enough to access thin places easily.

You also need the TIG torch with a flexible neck to reach the location. The choice of TIG torch depends on the work factors. Choose the one that is suitable for your working environment, so you stay comfortable during operation and get good results.

Tips for Pipe Welding Using Tig Torch


Can you easily weld with a torch?

Yes, it is very easy to use the torch for welding purposes. It releases the acetylene gas and burns it.

Adding the oxygen gas heats up and raises the temperature as high as up to 5000 degrees. Thus this temperature is enough to produce weld cuts, blaze, and fabrication.

It is the oldest type of welding technique. Even before using electric welders, the torch welding bulbs were used for the welding of different metals.

Can you weld with a propane torch?

Yes, the propane torch is an efficient and reliable source to weld metals. It is an excellent type for blazing purposes.

Although it does not reach high temperatures soot suitable for the fusion welding technique. But most operators use it for blazing purposes because it provides quality.

Final Verdict

Finally, these were the most reliable tig torches for pipe welding in the market. Now, it’s up to you to choose the one that fits your budget and needs. We highly recommend going with Forney 9FV TIG Torch as it is highly compatible with most welders out there in the market. Moreover, it’s convenient and is highly durable for tough welding works.