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Best Welding Helmets for Tig Welders in 2023

Welding is a thermal process that is used to melt metals together, for instance, iron, steel, and copper, etc. Welding is dangerous the thing to do for amateurs as it can cause various injuries. The organs that are likely to get injured during welding are eyes, skin, nose, and other facial identities.

8 Best Welding Helmets for Tig

To protect these injuries, professionals use various gear to protect themselves. And this equipment should also be used carefully.

A type of headgear used undoubtedly used for the safeguard of skin, eyes, and other facial identities, while welding is known as a welding helmet. Welding helmets are used by the professional in the welding industry.

Welding helmets are must to have while welding something because they prevent arc eye, a state where the cornea is affected. This may also be used against defend of retina burn, which, if not treated on time, can cause permanent blindness.

Welding helmet blocks the ultraviolet emissions from the welding process.

The welding helmet being used today was first designed and manufactured by Wilson Products in the year 1937.

 Modern welding helmets offer a small window through which the welder can see his work. The window could of glass, blacked-out plastic, or even polarized lenses.

Some of the best welding helmets for tig are as follows.

Top 8 Best welding helmets for tig

Best welding helmets for tig

1-Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

High Quality Welding Helmets


The above welding helmet is made with fine quality material. The helmet covers the worker from hairs to the neck. The product is an Auto darkening welding helmet for tig. The mentioned welding helmet is very reliable and can be used for a long time.

 This helmet is very lightweight; it also does not stress the face and neck of the user. This product also meets the ANSI Z87 1 Standards. It covers user from dirty and vulnerable radiant. It can withhold thermal and mechanical processes such as stick welding, plasma cutting, wheel cutting, and grinding

The reviewed auto darkening welding helmet can be used in welding shops, DIY projects automobiles manufacturing as well as repair industry. The helmet is also very appealing in means of looks. This helmet allows the user to breathe easily without any stress.


  • Good personal safety equipment designed for industrial as well as for home DIY project.
  • The total weight of 1 pound makes it very convenient.
  • Very reliable


  • After some time of use, it may start flashing.
  • Sometimes the sensor stops working.
  • Batteries cannot be installed manually.

2-Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350 Auto darkening Helmet for Tig

Top rated welding helmet

The helmet mentioned above uses exclusive 4C lens technology to create a comprehensible and original color view of the arc and plash. The 3350 Series offers a very clear view through the window. Near to unique colors could be seen through its eyepiece.

The helmet weighs a total of 3 pounds that decreases its comfort. It is not easy to wear this much heavy helmet for a long time. Especially in summers, it becomes very difficult to breathe for the user wearing it.

The discussed helmet is installed with 12.5 square inch auto darkening lenses which may increase productivity and has safety benefits. The size of this helmet is also very roomy.

It requires 2 CR5 batteries for its functioning. Moreover, it is made up of plastic which decreases its reliability. It is a sort of custom welding helmet. And, it also has over 15 styles from which the user can choose according to his requirements.


  • The design of this product is very appealing.
  • User can customize his own helmet.
  • The eye piece on it offers very clear view.


  • The plastic material makes this helmet not so reliable.
  • 3 pound weight of the helmet is not comfortable for long term use.
  • It is very pricy for a workshop welder.

3-Antra AH7-860-001X Auto darkening welding helmet with Head & Neck Protection

Budget Friendly helmets

The present auto darkening welding helmet is installed with a double layer automatic dimming LCD. This welding helmet defends the welder from the dangerous emissions which emit during the welding process to offer safety from the hair to the neck of the user.

The whole series of AH7 has a lot of differentiation from one another. One model has a good LCD while the other is very comfortable and very easy to use for the welder. It meets the ANSI standards as well.

It is such versatile equipment that could be used for as miller tig welding helmet, plasma grinding, and MIG\MAG. On top of that, it has a blue light suppression lens that keeps the welder’s eyes from blue light during the whole process.

It also comes with an automatic ON/OFF lens that turns on when solar cells on the helmet detect a small fraction of circling lights. Moreover, if no light is found, the hard hat will automatically turn off after some time.


  • Double layered auto dimming LCD.
  • Comfortable for long use.
  • Versatile.


  • Cannot be charged.
  • Batteries are not replaceable.
  • Sometimes the true color feature gets abandoned.

4-Jackson Safety Ultra-Lightweight Insight HXL 100 Welding helmet

lightweight welding helmets review

The introductory welding helmet as told in the name is very lightweight and hence has one of the top in tig welding helmet review. This is preferred by many welding professionals for professional as well as DIY projects in the home. Manufactured by Surewerx, this product weighs 2 pound and is made with up of Nylon material.

This welding helmet has eye piece of dimensions 3.93 * 2.63 inches. This provides the user a very clear view of his work without lifting up his helmet unlike other helmets in the welding helmet tig rating.

The product is designed with four self-ruling sensors the works in coordination with lithium batteries to minimize the hamper of vision. This helmet has easy to operate digital controls for different type of functioning. It s firm structure provide head protection at a construction site, ear protection in the noisy industry and of course eye protection during welding and other processes.

Manufacturer of this product has set the mark for reliability, long term use, durability and comfort as well. Extensively being used in industries, building sites and DIY projects, it is also quiet affordable.


  • Easy to use digital controlled welding helmet.
  • Very comfortable for long time use.
  • A clear view without lifting the hood.


  • Uses a cheap head band.
  • Sometimes it can burn the eyes of user with its internal air pressure.

5-ESAB 0700000800 Senital A50 Welding Helmet with high impact resistance

best auto darkening welding helmet for tig

With a new radical shell design the helmet is made up of nylon. High impact resistance nylon provides safeguard against many emissions from the welding process. This could be used for welding in industries as well as DIY projects at home.

The elegant design of this product is very engaging itself. The built is also very classy as enrolled in the reviews. The 1.4-pound weighing helmet is very comfortable and could be used for a prolonged time.

This product has 3.39*2.36 inches viewing area through which the welder can observe his work in detail without actually lifting up the hood. It obstructs the eyes, ears, hairs, and neck of the user from the heat and flashing.

This creation is very expensive and hence if difficult to afford for a workshop welder as well as a DIY project hobbyist. Only industrial welding unit and construction site welders can afford this product. It is one of the best welding helmets for tig with low profile design and exceptional performance.


  • Lightweight and hence easy to use for a long serving.
  • The elegant design is appealing.
  • Wide casements make it easy to see the process for the welder.


  • Expensive for a home elder or even a workshop welder.
  • Lenses could be removed easily causing potential damage.
  • The digital control pad is cheap and breaks out easily.

6-Welding helmet, Auto darkening, 1-9/16in.H By Miller Electric

best welding helmets tig rating

This simple yet advantageous welding helmet is a Nylon made welding helmet manufactured by Miller Electric. Manufactured in South Korea, this product is very versatile. It can be used in industries, construction sites, and home use as well.

The 5.8 square inches viewing area, the welder can see his work with concentration. This wide viewing area could not be useful without lithium batteries. This auto darkening welding helmet use lithium battery, magnifying lens, outside and inside lens cover.

It can function more than 9 hours per day without malfunctioning. The built-in grind shield is very nice feature that is adored by many professional welders. The filter can also be flicked very easily.


  • It does what it is made to do flawlessly.
  • The weight is also not much and could be used for a long time.
  • The price is affordable.


  • Lens can get scratched easily hence blocking the vision may be blocked.
  • Headgear is not very reliable.
  • The tightening knob is made of cheap material.
  • Lift up sensors is not long lasting.

7-Solar Power Auto Darkening Tig Welding Helmet

Solar powered welding helmets

Above mentioned manually adjustable auto darkening helmet is manufactured by DESOON TOOLS. The auto darkening filter named as ADF DX500S helps the welder to work in different scenarios after a slight adjustment of the lens shape.

The elegant auto darkening welding helmet is solar powered. Life of this solar panel technology can last up to 5000 hours. The auto darkening filter can switch from light to dark in the blink of an eye.

This head guard is very versatile in its functioning. It can be used in many industries such as automobiles, construction, MRO, and welding workshops as well. It also meets 13 standards of ANSI.

The helmet is equipped with a 3.62” *1.65” clear eyepiece. This eyepiece imaginably defuses light and various luminous transmissions. The lightweight of 1 pound is convenient for long term use. One of the best welding helmets for tig that is solar powered and budget friendly.


  • This creation is versatile and can be used in various industries.
  • Eyepiece is advantageous
  • The flimsy weight allows the user to work for a prolonged time.


  • Material is very thin and not much reliable.
  • Quality of headband is not so good.

8-Dekopro welding helmet Solar Powered Auto Darkening

Afffordable helmets for welding

The articulated auto darkening welding helmet offers considerable protection of the eye against the high flashing of light and various emissions from the welding process.

This welding headwear is made up of pp material and weighs a total of 1.7 pounds which makes it easy to use for long time. The view area is measured as 92*42 mm and makes a clear view for the welder.

This product grabs its power supply from lithium batteries and solar cells installed in it.


  • Very affordable, even for DIY hobbyist.
  • It has a fancy look and attracts everyone.
  • Feathery product can be used for a long time.


  • Eyepiece is likely to get scratches.
  • Lens gets out of vision all of a sudden.
  • The headgear is not firm and also is uncomfortable.


1-Why is my auto darkening welding helmet not working?

Sometimes auto darkening welding helmets stop working or malfunction because of several problems. They could be poor visibility, over bright weld and sometimes even faulty installation. In some cases the batteries may also stop working due to long time of use.

2-What makes a good welding helmet?

The benedicts of a good welding helmet depend upon certain factors. Major factors that decide the goodness of the welding helmet are the material used for its manufacturing, the window through which the employee can see his work, and the durability of it. Comfort, style, and color are some other factors.

3-What to look for in a welding helmet?

While getting a good welding helmet, some consideration that should be made are its weight. It must be lightweight. The other one is its battery option that if it is solar-powered or battery-powered. The built material should also be considered.

4-Where can I buy a welding helmet?

Depending upon your own choice, you can buy a welding helmet from a nearby market by visiting it personally, or you can use the easy way that is to order a welding helmet from a trusted website. Such a website explains every product well, and you can also see reviews from other users as well. Such websites include Amazon and eBay.

The Bottom Line

High quality welding helmets are designed to keep you safe from all kinds of hazards. On our list of best welding helmets for tig, we have reviewed all top of the line helmets for welding to let you choose the one you need. Make sure you purchase the one that is according to your budget and level of comfort.