Welding Gloves for TIG, Stick & MIG

Best Tig Welding Gloves in 2023 [Heat & Fire Resistant]

Tig welding gloves keep you safe from serious burns and injuries. These are specialized gloves to stay safe from clothing fire and harmful radiation damage to your hands. Moreover, welding gloves are specially for a dexterious feel to your fingers inside. Furthermore, you need TIG gloves that are lightweight and don’t feel like as if they were made up of iron.

Before buying welding gloves, there are some crucial factors to keep in mind. The gloves that you choose must protect your rising welding temperatures and arcs. Also,having a sensitive feel to welding gloves is as important as the safety.

Gloves that are made up of cheaper materials will not withstand the high temperature and tear up in a short time. So you have to look for TIG glove that have an ample feel to them while keeping your hands safe from temperatures, arcs, and radiation.

Best Welding Gloves for TIG, Stick & MIG

List of the Best Tig Welding Gloves with High Resitance for Heat & Fire

Best Welding Gloves for TIG

In this article, we will discuss high quality welder gloves. There are many kinds of welding gloves, including leather welding gloves, MIG welding gloves, stick welding gloves, shot welding gloves, high heat welding gloves, extra-large welding gloves, etc. These kinds are used in different aspects of working.

There are also women welding gloves that have specially designed for women’s hands. Here we will guide you about the best gloves for welders. So, if you want to purchase some, have a look below.

1. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves Heat Resistant – Best Overall

Reliable MIG welding gloves

Rapicca is well-known for manufacturing high quality welding gloves. The exclusive feature that makes it the choice for the welders is its double-layered design. Thanks to the Kevlar layer padding on fingers and palm that make it heat resistant and provide double protection.

The well-crafted gloves have designed with four layers. It is breathable and allergy-free and cold and heat resistant gloves.

The 16 inches long gloves ensure complete arm protection. So, the glove that bears a temperature of 900 degrees F is ideal for wearing during operations like welding sparks, hot coals, grinding debris, and hot steam.

To make it safe, durable, and tear-resistant, the designer has used the 1.5mm thick cowhide leather. That is not only that or wear-resistant but oil and puncture-resistant too. It is a durable product that comes with sung fit features and keeps your arms safe from any hazard.


  • Value for money product with excellent heat resistance, comfort, and durability.
  • Long sleeves for better protection.


  •  At above 15 seconds of direct contact with a hot grill can cause destruction.

2. KIM YUAN Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves – Best Value

Best tig welding gloves

The pro-grade leather welding gloves from Kim Yaun, a famous brand is a perfect option that is involved in tig or MIG welding procedures. High-quality gloves have designed with high-grade cowhide.

The gloves come with heat, oil, puncture, and water-resistant properties. Thus, during your operation, you will not feel any discomfort and perform your duty without hurdles. The gloves have a thickness of 1.2mm and act as fireproof too. If we see its internal construction, the gloves have sweat absorbing soft cotton cloth in inner linings and denim cuffs.

The overall structure makes it high temperature resistant of 350-degree c and gives it durability. Overall, it is an ideal tow ear during work and completes your tasks efficiently. The multipurpose gloves are best to do welding, fireplace activity, and other such heat-related tasks.


  • Multitasking gloves. Not only for welding.
  • Extreme durability.


  • Expensive as compared to other gloves.

3.  Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves – High Quality

Best flux core welding gloves

Lincoln has always proved its worth by manufacturing high-quality products. Either we need glasses, helmet, or gloves for welding purposes, you will never get disappointed. The outcome from the house of Lincoln is the best and high heat welding gloves.  The durable construction and properties inspire you and will be your companion in heat-related tasks.

Thanks to the high-grade leather, Kevlar threading, soft cotton lining, and overall design all make it the perfect pair of gloves for the Mig, flux core, and other high-temperature activities.

The pair of gloves with inner twill cotton with a water-absorbing feature can be your companion in your daily life welding task. So buy it and avail its exclusive heat resistant feature and provide yourself with an ultimate safety against unbearable heat.


  • 14 inch lined leather.
  • Value for money.


  • Not much comfortable.

4. Caiman White Goatskin Welding-Tig/Mig Medium

Comfortable Welding Gloves

If we say that these gloves are the masterpiece in the industry of gloves, then it will not be wrong. These tig and MIG welding gloves from caiman are simply perfect for domestic and professional use. If we talk about durability, then they are unbeatable.

When we talk about their comfort, then these gloves will not disappoint you. The manufacturer has considered every possible facility that can be given to the user. Their durability and comfort make these gloves value for money product and worth buying product. 

There are 4 inches cuff that is long split leather. This 4-inch cuff leather prevents your hands from burning at the wrist side. Moreover, due to their medium size, they are easy to use and easy to work with. 


  • These gloves are entirely unlined.
  • These gloves are made up of Resilient and durable goat grain leather.


  • Expensive in nature.

5. Lincoln Electric dynaMIG HD Professional Gloves for Welders

Best gloves for oxy acetylene

These medium-sized welding gloves are the best quality gloves that you will ever find in the medium range. These are the HD professional MIG welding gloves of medium size. Their medium size made them more comfortable to use.

These gloves are made with five layers of advanced technology. The top side of the gloves is made up of three layers of flame soft lining to prevent burning while the internal team consists of two layers of cotton, that provide excellent dexterity.

These gloves are simply the product of the best use of technology. T has the grain leather palm with a seamless trigger finger. This smooth trigger finger provides excellent dexterity. Moreover, these gloves are made for both domestic and industrial use. These are much durable at the industrial level due to their high material.


  • Variety of sizes available.
  • Twill moisture-absorbing cuff.


  • Only suitable for MIG welding.

6. Revco GM1611 Leather Cowhide MIG Gloves – Tough Build Quality

Best welding gloves for stick welding

These gloves are best for domestic use. If you are looking for the welding gloves that holds all the properties of expensive gloves but cheap. Then these revco MIG welding gloves are best for you.

These gloves have designed in a very versatile manner. These include reinforced palm, thumb, and index finger. Moreover, its five inched cuffs provide additional protection against any harm.

Their kevlar stitched technology provides more durability against heat, sparks, and slag. Their reinforcement patches at palm, thumb, and index fingers add more to their strength and easement. These patches have exactly located where you need them most. So, in short, this is the best choice for professional welders in choosing hand gloves for welding.


  • Highly comfortable due to cotton lining.
  • Resistant to heat at a large scale.


  • Available only in one color.

7.Tillman 1338 Top Grain Goatskin TIG Gloves

Top welders gloves

Another excellent and affordable piece of welding gloves is here for you. This design of welding gloves is quite apparent because it consists if goatskin material and grain leather. These gloves come in small size with white color.

Their kevlar sewed technique adds more to their quality and demand. These are 4 inches above the wrist to provide extra protection. Their dimensions include 29.72″ L x 12.7″ W x 2.03″ H.


  • Goatskin grain leather.
  • Cheap.


  • Only one size and color.

8. Miller Electric MIG Welding Gloves

Most Reliable Welding gloves

The giant and undead types of welding glove are here in your service. The gloves named as miller electric MIG welding gloves have considered as the dinosaurs of the glove family. The main reason is their sturdy material and only large size.

These are only gloves in this list that have made up of pig split leather. This leather is the father of all leather. Due to this leather, these gloves are even punctured resistant. Their large size provides arm protection as well.

These gloves contain patches to do the work more efficiently and safely.


  • Pre-curved finger design.
  • Multi-layer insulation.


  • Hard to wash and dry.

9.IRONCLAD Ideal Gloves for Tig Welding – Long Lasting

Cheap budget welding gloves

If we say here are the Godfather welding gloves in your service, then it will not be wrong. If you are looking for the best professional MIG, TIG, and Stick welding gloves with excellent service, you are in the right place. These gloves named IRONCLAD welding gloves are the iron gloves in nature.

All other gloves that have discussed above are limited in their quality and types of availabilities. But these gloves are universal. They are available in cow, Elkskin, and buffalo skin in all sizes that are small, large, or extra-large.

Now let’s have a look at their manufacturing. These are made up of leather with Kevlar stitched technology to increase durability in high heat as well. Their cotton lining with foam insulation provides resistance against heat. The first and most important part of their service is that there are ten inched long cuffs of leather that offer you unbeatable protection against flame or spark.

In short, the best and most value for money welding gloves ever are IRONCLAD all in one welding gloves.


  • MIG, TIG, stick welding gloves.
  • Palm reinforcement. 


  •  It is quite heavy stuff.

9. OLSON DEEPAK Comfortable Gloves for Welding

Super comfortable gloves for  professionals

If your need is to find such gloves suitable for BBQ, Camping, cooking, welding, etc., your requirement is about to fulfil. All you need know to meet your previous need is to buy these OLSON DEEPAK welding gloves.

These gloves are 16 inches in size and have made up of cow split leather. You can use them in many beneficial ways, as mentioned above. These gloves are not only for welding purposes but for many other objects that almost involve heat. Because they are heat resistant so, it will be better if you use them against flame.


  • Long 16 inches stuff.
  • Multitasking.


  • Not the proper and professional welding gloves.


Q#1: What is the difference between MIG and TIG Welding Gloves?

A: There are two types of welding gloves, one is called MIG, and the others are called TIG welding gloves. The main difference between these two kinds of gloves is that MIG gloves fit looser and are made up of sturdy material to provide extreme protection. On the other hand, TIG gloves are made up of much thinner and softer material.

Q#2: Can you use leather gloves for welding?

A: Yes, we can use leather gloves for welding. All the welding gloves are made up of leather material. These leathers are of a different type. The most natural leather that has used for this purpose is of goatskin and cow split leather.

Q#3: Who makes the best welding gloves?

A: Almost all the brands are providing the best gloves for welding purposes. The quality of gloves depends on the amount of money. But the leading companies that are trustable all over the world are NKTM, Miller electric, etc.

Q#4: What temp are leather welders gloves suitable to?

A: The welding gloves are heat resistant up to a great extent. An average temperature that almost all gloves can bear is 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Q#5: What are welding gloves used for?

A: Welding gloves have used for MIG, TIG, and Stick welding. Many welding gloves that are multitasking can be used in other domestic thermal processes.

Q#6: Are welding gloves cut resistant?

A: Many welding gloves are cut-resistant, especially the MIG welding gloves because they are made up of hardened leather.