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Best Budget Welding Helmets under $100 in 2023

Are you searching for the best auto-darkening welding helmets under 100$? You are definitely at the right destination. Welding, as we know, is a treacherous process. It includes very intense flashes of light, which may ground infection in your eyes. It includes petite fire particles that are continuously being thrown out, and those tiny fir particles are called welding arcs. In the worst case, they can cause permanent vision loss.

Welding even emits some radioactive rays that also have the potential to cause damage to your eyes. The welder must cover himself before starting this dodgy job. The most used and needed equipment for the welder to protect themselves from these damages is a WELDING HELMET. 

A welding helmet is like a standard helmet with a unique lens a screen in frontage of it. From that screen, the welder can see his detailed work, and what’s more, it has the auto-darkening attribute that automatically darkens the screen when the sensors observe a flash of the welding arc.

The List of the Best Budget Welding Helmet under $100

Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet under 100

Welding helmets are manufactured by numerous companies according to the trend and necessitate of welders. Different materials are present in this manufacturing. Prices of these things also fluctuate on the foundation of manufacturer and material worn. Supplementary factors that affect its worth are delay timing, battery options, and headgear, etc. 

This review will give information about the auto-darkening welding helmet under 100$

1-ANTRA | The Overall Best Welding Helmet under $100

best value auto darkening helmets for welding

Manufactured by the engineers of ANTRA, this auto-darkening welding helmet is one of the best budget welding helmets in this review. Prices of this type of product may differ based on your region and website where you choose to buy the product.

Some sites also offer free shipping and other gift items to get a higher amount of positive reviews. Some websites that possess a higher rating in this respect are AMAZON and eBay.

Under description, an auto-darkening welding helmet is made with excellent nylon material. Nylon material is comfortable to wear because it never causes suffocation to the welder even with the tight and less roomy helmet.

The product weighs astonishingly 1 pound and hence is very comfortable to wear even all day long for the welder without getting stress or fatigue, which is suitable for welders. Powered by two lithium batteries, this head guard has a battery life of 5000 hours.

Dimensions of this product are 12 x 8 x 7 inches making it even more appraisable in the digital marketplace.   

Built-in double-layered auto-dimming LCD provides massive protection against welding arc and luminous flashes to the welders. The full-face covering mask provides safety against harmful radiations and spatters. 

Well designed by the engineers, this auto-darkening welding helmet is also very elegant and good-looking. It can catch every professional’s eye towards it only by one glance of the welder.


With seven lens covers, this is a complete package for a professional welder who does not want to spend many dollars on their gear. The welding helmet is also very versatile. A welder can use it for welding, plasma cutting, grinding, and much more.


  • The large viewing are helps to have a detailed view  of the work.
  • Pretty affordable.
  • Ideal for home users and beginners.
  • Light weight and handy to carry.


  • Batteries get out of order recurrently.
  • Head gear uses cheap material.
  • Auto-darkening feature is not reliable.

2-Hobart 770869 | Most Affrodable Under $100 Welding Helmet

Top Auto darkening welding helmets under $100

Manufactured by the engineers of a well-known company HOBART, this welding helmet is marvelously suitable and affordable for home users and beginners. Not ideal for professional use. Nonetheless, one of the best auto-darkening welding helmets under 100$.

The worth may differ based on your location on the globe. Some borders offer less tax allocation, while in some countries, it is a proper frustration. Sometimes the tax is more than the price of the product.

They are made with polyamide nylon material, highly handy and compact. A welder can wear this feathery auto-darkening welding helmet for a long time without getting muscular stress.

The item weighs around 1.15 pounds that helps it to be so comfortable and compact. With the dimensions of 11.8 x 14 x 12 inches, it becomes straightforward to carry it to places without any tension. Often the welders have to go out on sites or repairing stuff in homes to weld metals, so they need light-weighted gear that they can carry easily. 

It fetches its power from two lithium batteries pre-installed. These batteries can be changed or charged. They get out of control. It is quite simple to change the cells of an auto-darkening welding helmet.

Grind mode on the product prevents the lens from getting dark, providing a clear view of the outside.

It can be used against welding, grinding, plasma cutting, and much more. One can spend 75 bucks and benefit from all the equipment in only one auto-darkening welding helmet.


Best for beginners and workshop welders, not highly recommended for industrial and construction site use; nonetheless, it can be used there too. The life of much equipment depends upon how it is used. Some devices go for years if used rightly, but some can betray you even on the second-day use if you don’t use them properly.


  • Very affordable.
  • Highly recommended for beginners and workshop use.
  • Made with fine material.


  • Not the best for industrial use.
  • Uses cheap lens covers.

3-Lincoln Electric | A Reliable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet under $100

cheap auto darkening welding helmets safe

Manufactured by LICOLN ELECTRIC this is undoubtedly one of the best auto-darkening welding helmets under 100$. This is admired by beginners, home welders, and even professional welders. This product is among the highest-rated auto-darkening welding helmets on Amazon.com.

If you are searching for a welding helmet that you have to buy as a beginner and do not spend many dollars, this is undoubtedly made for you. You can even use it as a professional and on industrial. According to the description, it will not betray you in any case. 

Manufactured has used the most beautiful metal to make this heavy-duty head guard, and it will not break until you hit it by intention and that too with force. Weighing around 1.11 pounds, this heavy-duty welding helmet is also very comfortable to wear for a long time without getting fatigued and muscular fatigue.

The dimensions of 11.6 x 11.2 x 11.3 inches make it even more demanding in the international marketplace. If you want a heavy-duty, compact, and comfortable welding helmet for your projects, this is certainly made for you. You will not regret making this purchase.


It can be used in grinding, welding, plasma cutting, and other alike dodgy jobs. Grind mode on this device helps it to switch from dark to dark in just the blink of an eye. And when luminous rays disappear, it gets back to normal again in a very time.

It can protect you from welding arcs, luminous flashes of light, and other emissions from the process. This head guard’s casement is 3.82 x 1.73 inches broad and allows the welder to see outside very distinctively and carefully without lifting the hood.

Even when the mask is not powered on, the amount of clarity it offers is astonishingly crystal quality.

With the graphic design giving the aura of hand-engraved design is also very appealing to the eyes. If you want to be an attention seeker, buy this. No one could resist the charm and elegance of this merchandise.

Everyone will look at this mask when you’re welding wearing this. It has the effect of stealing one’s eye at 


  • Distinctive from other welding helmets.
  • Reasonably priced
  • It has the ability to catch an eye at once.
  • Very clear scrutiny from the screen.


  • Flimsy material of headgear.
  • Batteries die near the beginning.

4-Lincoln Electric K3419-1 | The Most Easy to Wear Low-Budget Welding Hemlet

Affordable Welding helmets

This too was manufactured by the engineers of Lincoln electric. This welding helmet genuinely is one of the best yet cheapest auto-darkening welding helmets. The possibility of fluctuation of 2,3 dollars lies straight ahead depending upon your location on the globe. But obviously, this fluctuation does not count.

The welder can wear this mask for performing every type of dodgy jobs like welding, plasma cutting, and grinding to be safe from welding arcs and intense luminous flashes. This welding helmet will work in every circumstance, hopefully without betraying you.


Recommended to be used by beginners, this device is also compatible with industrial and construction site use. It can also do TIG/MIG welding. This auto-darkening welding helmet is versatile in its functionality.

Dimensions of the casement are measured as 11.6 x 11.2 x 11.3 inches. This makes it even more handy and comfortable for long time use. The welder can work all day long if he wants without getting tired and stressed by wearing this. This helmet will not cause any intricacy.

With the feathery weight of 1.5 pounds, it becomes even more wear for a long time. The black matte shade has given it an exquisite look that has the potential to make any professional welder its fan in a hard time of an eye blink.

Wearing this mask in the workshop will automatically make you feel superior to other welders.  Sifting time from dark to light is also negligible. As soon as the sensors detect any welding arc near it, they turn the lens dark hurriedly.


  • Futuristic look.
  • Compact structure.
  • Comfortable.


  • Cheap headgear used.
  • Auto darkening feature gets off readily.

5-INSTAPARK Solar Powered | A Stylish & Wallet-Friendly Welding Helmet With Auto Darkening Feature

Inexpensive auto dim welding helmets

Manufactured by INSTAPARK, this is undoubtedly one of the best cheap yet useful auto-darkening welding helmets in the digital and international marketplace. Cost of any product is likely to fluctuate from 3,4 bucks which are surely negligible.

Prices also can differ depending on the fact that you buy it from a hardware store or online market.  However, this much fluctuation can take place. It is one of the best auto darkening welding helmet under 100 with easy to fit design and durable quality.


This product is recommended for beginners and DIY project hobbyists for the reason that has easy controls and no fishy ones. You don’t have to push yourself under challenging buttons and measurements.

This device can become useful as long as you take it out of its packing. Just turn the grind mode ON, and you are pretty much good to go. Unlike other auto-darkening welding helmets, it takes less time to operate and start functioning.

The gadget weighs around 1.5 and is measured as 13 x 9 x 9.5 inches in total. This helps it to get admired by professional welders. The main thing that welders need in any welding helmet is lightweight and being handy. Battery options and other factors come after weight and dimensions.

They have to carry their welding helmet to places; they need them to be feathery. If it is heavy, it will become a total headache to carry it.


  • Affordable.
  • Best for DIY projects.
  • Uses lithium batteries.
  • Manufactured with fine material


  • Uses cheap head band like other welding helmets.
  • Lens quality is poor.


 1-What is a good welding helmet?

A good welding helmet is ahead guarded having a screen in its facade to thwart the eyes, face, and neck of the welder from molecular welding arcs and extreme luminous flashes that can irritate or even dent the eyes of the welder. I good welding helmet has a quick conversion time from light to dark and is made with good material. It should also be contented and handy.

2- Why is my auto darkening welding helmet not working?

If your auto-darkening welding helmet is not working, the possibilities are it has run out of battery. Try charging or even changing the batteries. Still, if it’s not working, get it checked by a specialist or claim the warranty if it is claimed.

3- What is the best welding helmet for the money?

Lincoln Viking 3350, Hobart 770890 Inventor, and ESAB Sentinel A50 are some good welding helmets for the money. They are made with good material and also are long-lasting.